Vanessa Williams Net Worth From Singing, Acting, Modeling

williams backgroundAs an American singer, songwriter, actress, and former fashion model Vanessa Williams net worth is a whopping 28 million dollars but her exact income is unknowned. She first became well known as the first African-American to win Miss America title in September 1983 but was forced to step down. Nevertheless, four years later she came back into the scene with a successful career as a singer.

Vanessa Williams’ Background

She was born to Helen Tinch and dad Milton Augustine Williams Jr on March 18, 1963. Born in Millwood, New York, her roots has a rich mix from Ghana, British Isles, and Cameron, Finnish, Southern European, Togo, Benin, Senegal and Portuguese origins. As the child of music teachers, Williams grew up in a musical home, studying classic and jazz dance, French horn, piano, and violin. An all-natural performer and outgoing pupil, Williams was a high achiever that landed the Presidential Scholarship for Drama at graduation and obtained entry into the Carnegie Mellon University theater arts program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Musical Theatre Arts level 25 years after taking a break from school to concentrate on her career.

Vanessa Williams Miss America 1984

vanessa williams miss america 1984After winning the Miss New York title, Williams went to Atlantic City, New Jersey, to join the Miss America pageant. On September 17, 1983, Williams made history by coming to be the first African-American woman in the pageant’s 63-year history to capture the Miss America title. This was a big achievement considering that in the first 30 years of this coveted pageant, blacks were not allowed to even take part. Unfortunately she had to give up the crown when scandal erupted when naked photos of her surfaced, apparently taken when she helped a photographer before her pageant days.

Ironically 32 years later on Vanessa’s success and acknowledgement in the entertainment industry brought her back to Miss America as one of the judges. CEO Sam Haskell welcomed her on stage and made a formal apology for what she had endured back then. The audience, fellow judges and even the candidates gave her a standing ovation after the apology.

Vanessa Williams Singing Career

vanessa williams singing careerIn 1988, she debuted as a singer with the launch of her cd called “The Right Stuff”. The album went gold and included two hits that were huge hits success, “The Right Stuff” and “Dreamin”. In 1991, her 2nd album was launched, which was called “The Comfort Zone” did even better with sales of 2.2 million albums in the U.S. alone and went on to reach triple platinum! The lead single “Running Back to You” reached top twenty on the Hot 100, and the top spot of Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs chart on October 5, 1991. On top of this, it showcased the most successful single in her career “Save the Best for Last”, which was chart topping the Billboards. The sales of both these albums had huge contribution to Vanessa Williams’ fortune.

Likewise, The Sweetest Days (1994), Williams’s third album, was a great success as well, going platinum in the U.S., and garnering two Grammy Award nominations. Other popular singles included Williams’s beautiful rendition of “Colors of the Wind,” for Disney’s popular animation Pocohontas.

Vanessa Williams Acting Career

Williams likewise has a successful run in television and one of the most diversified talent in Hollywood. Her first tv appearance was on an episode of The Love Boat in 1984 followed by appearances in a number of hit shows like T.J. Hooker and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

vanessa williams acting careerWilliams also landed roles in a variety of feature films, with one of the most famous being 1997’s Soul Food. She additionally starred in the 1991 underground hit, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. She went on to star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Eraser and opposite Chayanne in Dance With Me. In 1994, Vanessa was casted in a Broadway production of Kiss of the Spider Woman. She later was involved in a revival of Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim. In 2009, Williams was also featured in the Hannah Montana movie, together with Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

One of her most recognised tv role was as Wilhemina Slater in Ugly Betty and Renee Perry in Desperate Housewives. Even at 52 years age she is still drawing about $1 million from her television show 666 Park Avenue in 2012 and still regarded as one of the greatest paid singers in the market!

In addition to these two careers of hers, she is also known as a producer as well as a fashion model. She made appearances in several advertisements for RadioShack, Lo’real and Crest Rejuvenating Effects Toothpaste. All these absolutely help to add to Vanessa Williams net worth.

Vanessa Williams’ Accomplishments

vanessa williams achievementsIn the movie ‘Soul Food’ her work won her NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress Motion Picture, along with three Grammy award nominations. In total Williams has gotten 16 Grammy nominations for her music yet never won any. Nevertheless, she has received various other musical honors such as Billboard Music Award, Lena Horne Award, Theatre World Award, Playboy Magazine Award and so on. All these recognitions certainly have boosted the popularity of this amazing woman and help boosted her net worth! Black FemaleVanessa Williams Acting Career,Vanessa Williams Miss America 1984,Vanessa Williams Singing Career,Vanessa Williams' Accomplishments,Vanessa Williams' BackgroundVanessa Williams Net Worth From Singing, Acting, Modeling As an American singer, songwriter, actress, and former fashion model Vanessa Williams net worth is a whopping 28 million dollars but her exact income is unknowned. She first became well known as the first African-American to win Miss America title in September...It's all about the most beautiful black women in the world.