9 Black Female Superheroes You Should Know

Although the list of Black Female Superheroes still has a long way to close the racial parity in the comics as well as movies things are certainly heading the right direction since the first introduction of the short-lived comic character Butterfly in 1971.

Storm X-Men

storm x men

Thanks to the success of X-Men comics and movies in the recent years, Storm is possibly one of the most famous black female superhero to date. Ever since she came into the comic scene, Storm has constantly played a really prominent role on the world of the X-Men. In her early days after her first appearance she was a significant character in the new group of X-Men after the subsequent relaunch of the mutant team in 1975. Then perhaps her conclusive role was as leader of the X-Men after Professor X entered into space with the Starjammers for a while. She led the group through numerous substantial obstacles: the Mutant Massacre and Inferno to name one or two. Even carried for her leadership role even after she had lost her powers. After the return of Professor X, the X-Men were divided right into two groups, Gold (led by Storm) and also Blue (led by Cyclops).


iron heart marvel

Probably the latest addition to this list is the female Iron Man or now known as Ironheart. In recent events mid this year in the comic book series Civil War II will soon see Tony Stark removing his armor. What is more interesting is that a newcomer Riri Williams, a 15-year-old trainee at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will be taking over the armor in his place when the Invincible Iron Man collection relaunches this fall, Marvel author Brian Michael Bendis revealed in an interview with Time.

It’s definitely motivating to see a brilliant, black female personality like Williams take on a major duty where her intellect and also engineering skills are as vital, if not more important, than her physical capacities. Williams, like Stark, presumably has no super powers.



Nubia first came out in 1973 and was originally introduced as a twin to Diana (Wonder Woman) when she was formed from black clay. Nubia possessed a magic sword produced by Mars, a Greek god that sought to ruin Wonder Woman, which was the only weapon on Earth that can challenge Wonder Woman’s magic lasso. This character was later re-imagined as an Amazonian warrior with 3,000 years of fight experience supplying her competence in both hand-to-hand battle along with hand-held tools. As an Amazonian warrior she also possesses eternal life, superhuman stamina, toughness, endurance, dexterity and also improved intelligence.



DC Comics followed suit in 1981 with the birth of African warrior Vixen, the very first for the comics brand. Vixen was meant to have her own standalone comic in 1978, but was somehow delayed. She can possess the physical abilities of whatever animal comes to mind depending on the circumstance she’s in. Her powers come from a magical African amulet called the Tantu Emblem.

However Vixen was brought back to life in recent years when a spin-off series under her name debuted in 2015 as part of the universe built inside CW’s Arrow television series. The animated show has actually been renewed for a second season following its good review from season one.



Twin siblings Regina and also Rosetta were children of a crime lord, however decided to use their powers for justice. Rosetta was a great fighter, while Regina was knowledgeable with modern technology. The siblings shared the codename Ladyhawk.

The Ladyhawk girls are skilled in a selection of fighting martial arts skills. Both of the twins are fairly powerful opponents, but with a trained eye like Spider Girl you can notice that each has her own unique style that sets them apart. Besides their fighting skills they are also experts in weapons such as falcon-shaped shuriken, smoke bombs, capture rings, and sonic-throwing blades.

Spectrum aka Photon aka Pulsar

spectrum aka photon aka pulsar

Monica Rambeau (codename: Spectrum) was a lieutenant in the New Orleans Harbor patrol of the Coast Guard when she was exposed with rays from space that gave her the ability to become any kind of energy, and also fires energy to her enemies.

Fierce and powerful, she had to change her name a variety of times due to the fact that other characters keep taking hers. She has changed from Captain Marvel to Photon to Pulsar to Spectrum. She originally changed her name from Captain Marvel to Photon so that Captain Marvel’s boy Genis-Vell was able to take over the codename.


celia windward codename jet

Celia Windward (codename: Jet) is picked along with nine other people by the Guardians of Universe, the very same ones that created the Green Lantern Corps, to be the following successor of their race. This team is then called the New Guardians. They were given eternal life and also each has power over certain special elements of galaxy. Jet has the ability to control electromagnetic energy.


thunder anissa pierce

Anissa Pierce is Thunder, one of Black Lightning’s super powered daughters. She was a newbie heroine engaged to be in Nightwing’s Outsiders. Thunder has the power to enhance her body density, particularly at impact focal points such as her fists as well as feet, allowing her to make destructive punches and also to produce ground shockwaves towards her enemies. She formed a lesbian partnership with Elegance and also both are currently living together.

Misty Knight

misty knight

Misty Knight is a highly-decorated law enforcement agent. However, her former days on the force rattled to a halt when she lost her right hand to a terrorist’s bomb. Tony Stark came to the rescue and arranged for her to receive a bionic prosthetic replacement arm in recognition of her courage and sacrifice. Not wanting to take a mundane desk work for the police, she quit the force and ended up being a private detective instead together with her close friend Colleen Wing. While attempting to quit the villain Emil Vachon in Hong Kong, Colleen was nearly raped however Misty Knight managed to save her. The two then started Knightwing Restorations Ltd, nicknamed the Daughter of the Dragon, where they often take up challenging cases that many has given up on.

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