Top 9 Black Actresses Over 40

This collection of black actresses over 40 has made their own names in the movie industry. Their talent and beauty has captured the heart of millions and has become idols to many more aspiring young actresses.

Regina Hall, Age 46

regina hall

Regina Hall was born on December 12, 1970 in Washington, D.C., to Ruby, a teacher, and Odie Hall, a contractor. She graduated from Fordham University in 1992, and with great determination earn her master’s degree in journalism from New York University prior to starting her acting career. She is best known for her work in the Scary Movie franchise movies.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Age 45

jada pinkett smith

Jada was born on September 18, 1971. Her supporting character in the acclaimed film, Menace II Society, gave her excellent reviews and began to open new opportunities for her to land other movie roles. She then appeared in her pal Wayans’ movie Low Down Dirty Shame, a lead character in Jason’s Lyric as well as playing Eddie Murphy’s love interest in The Nutty Professor. Ironically, she didn’t get the part of being Will Smith’s girlfriend on Fresh Prince of Bel Air for being too short!

Traci Bingham, Age 49

traci bingham

Traci Bingham was born on January 13, 1968 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as Julie Anne Smith. She is an actress and best recognizing for her character as Jordan Tate in the hit drama series Baywatch in the early 90s. This sexy actress also did other flicks like Malibooty! in 2003 and Bad Bizness in 2003. She was previously married to Robb Vallier.

Gabrielle Union, Age 44

gabrielle monique union

Born on October 29, 1972, Gabrielle Monique Union Wade actually went into the acting industry by accident back in her younger years at UCLA. In 2000, Union starred alongside Kirsten Dunst in cheerleading movie “Bring It On” as Isis, the movie that won her MTV Award election for Best Actress. She also landed big roles starring as Will Smith’s partner Syd in the 2003 box office hit “Bad Boys II”, where she was nominated for an Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture Image Award. This versatile and gorgeous actress has been depicting many different roles in movies such as Deliver Us From Eva, Neo Ned, Cadillac Records and also Think Like a Man.

Regina King, Age 46

regina king

Born on January 15, 1971, Regina King’s huge talent as a performer and also great looks have made her one of Hollywood’s sought-after young starlets. Capable to play various roles in both comedy as well as drama, King has appeared in a variety of films, most notably in Jerry Maguire, the 1996 box-office hit starring Tom Cruise, Boyz N the Hood, a 1991 drama of gang warfare and How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Nia Long, Age 47

nia long

Nia Long who is born as Nitara Carlym Long on October 30, 1970 in Brooklyn, New York. This stunning actress is one of the hottest actress in Hollywood and has countless history of her involvement on the big screen as well as television. Being exceptional and giving life to the characters she plays, she is best recognized for her work in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Third Watch, In Too Deep, Boyz n the Hood, Friday, Boiler Room, Soul Food, Love Jones, The Best Man, Big Mother’s House and more.

Sanaa Lathan, Age 46

sanaa lathan

Sanaa McCoy Lathan was born on September 19, 1971 in New York City. Lathan started her movie profession in 1998’s Blade playing as Vanessa Brooks. She also had many other roles in movies such as The Best Man, Life, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Out of Time, Alien vs. predators, Something New, The Family that Preys, Power Blue, Contagion, The Best Man Holiday, The Perfect Guy and The Best Man Wedding.

Taraji P. Henson, Age 47

taraji p. henson

Taraji P. Henson was born on September 11, 1970 in Washington. She began her career as a singer but recognition for her acting was not far behind. She has been acting in movies such as Baby Boy, Smokin’ Aces, and also Mark Wahlberg’s Four Brothers. In 2009 this accomplished actress was nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar for her role as Brad Pitt’s mom in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Switch.

Wendy Raquel Robinson, Age 49

wendy raquel robinson

Wendy Raquel Robinson was born on July 25, 1967 in Los Angeles, California. This actress is known for her work in a variety of movies, including Two Can Play That Game in 2001, Rebound in 2005 and also Something New in 2006 alongside Sanaa Lathan. In 2006, Wendy also appeared in The Game as Tasha Mack on the new network The CW. This wonderful actress also founded a theatre arts school in Los Angeles in 1995 for kids called Amazing Grace Conservatory.

Black Female Actresses Over 40 Idols

These outstanding actresses really show that age is just a number and you can still rock Hollywood with their talent and beauty. They have become idols to many more aspiring young actresses to come. Female ActressesAge 44,Age 45,Age 46,Age 47,Black Female Actresses Over 40,Gabrielle Union,Jada Pinkett Smith,Nia Long,Regina HallTop 9 Black Actresses Over 40 This collection of black actresses over 40 has made their own names in the movie industry. Their talent and beauty has captured the heart of millions and has become idols to many more aspiring young actresses. Regina Hall, Age 46 Regina Hall was born on December...It's all about the most beautiful black women in the world.